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Downloads - Information Resource Centre

Here you can find a very large (530+ and still increasing) selection of Mamiya (340+), Bronica (125), Metz and Fuji GX680 brochures, manuals, instruction sheets and reviews that you may find useful - plus now a Darkroom section and a few other PDFs for light meters and other items of possible interest. Most are in English; other languages are indicated. Camera and lens reviews (40+) now added, plus brochures in other languages! There is no charge for these manuals; they are provided as a service to my customers. If you wish to save the manual on your computer, just right-click on the manual you require, choose "Save link as", and choose a suitable location on your PC to store it. Please note that most later (from March 2014) additions and updates to the Downloads section have been scanned at 300dpi to ensure highest quality; as a result some of the PDFs are quite large. Those over 10MB are highlighted.

I am always looking for suitable new brochures / manuals / information sheets to add to this free resource - scans of brochures, etc, would be very welcome. Obviously just those not already shown here, and non-English versions are very welcome as they are not easy for me to find in the UK. I don't charge anything for any of this information, and it is really useful for all Mamiya and Bronica medium format users. If you think you can help with this, please contact me to take things further. Thanks!

Click on the manufacturer below to show the manuals available. Click on the manufacturer again (or on the "Close Listings" option) to close the group listing.

Mamiya Brochures and Reviews

Mamiya Instructions

Bronica Brochures and Reviews

Bronica Instructions


Fuji GX680



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