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NOW LISTING 120 & 220 FILM! More coming soon, so keep watching.

Specialising in supply of Mamiya, Bronica and Fuji GX680 medium format film cameras, lenses and accessories.


APOLOGIES : My checkout page is currently broken, and I cannot work out why. It does not want to give you a postage price. If you are a UK customer it may or may not work; if you see a postage charge then it is all fine. If it does not show a postage charge, it may only give a “pickup” option and not charge you for postage. If you are an international buyer it may not even let you place an order. In this case please send me a mail with the SKU number of any items you wish to purchase. There is NO PROBLEM with sending items outside the UK – the problem is with my website! This is being worked on at the moment.

If any of these problems affect you, please just send me an email telling me exactly what you want (with your delivery address) and I will invoice you manually. It does not matter if you are in the UK, Europe, USA or worldwide, you can still get the item(s) you want – it is just not working too well right now. Hopefully this will be sorted out very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Welcome to my website, specially for the sale of Mamiya, Bronica and Fuji camera and accessories, plus all of the information needed for these systems for completely free download. You can now (usually) check out without waiting for an invoice; you can use PayPal (now linked into the site) or, if you have a UK bank account, choose bank transfer and get the same 4% discount as before. For multiple purchases from outside the UK please feel free to “Request Quote” to get the lowest postage pricing.

AT LAST! Finally I have a new Checkout system up and running (when it wants to! – see above) – much easier to use and (hopefully) avoiding the need for you to ask for an invoice. However, you can still “Request an invoice” if you want to. However, there is a minor problem. It is currently possible to purchase an item and go to checkout without first logging in. If you do this you will be left with no delivery options and cannot even ask for an invoice – so make sure you log in (or Register if you are a new customer) BEFORE trying to make a purchase. This problem will be fixed shortly. IF YOU REQUEST AN INVOICE PLEASE WAIT TO RECEIVE IT BEFORE PAYING!

Everything else is pretty much as it was in my old website (for those with long memories!) – all the Downloads are still there, and still completely free. If you want to know more, all you need to know is in the FAQ/Help page. 

Automated postage calculation now active! Your invoice and postage charges for your order will be calculated automatically – just look at your basket to see the postage charge. The intention is to charge for postage at cost, not to make a profit out of postage. If the charge seems too high then just ask for an invoice. You can checkout with PayPal, or (if you have a UK bank account) make payment by bank transfer. Any questions, please just ask.

20 new items added today 1 July. It would have been more but holidays and several major photo shoots got in the way – sorry about that.  Next additions 1 August 2024. Now listing (outdated) 120 and 220 film from my own supply! Also watch out for special discounts of a minimum of 20% off ALL Bronica (based on 2023 prices). Just go to For Sale and then Show only new items to see that latest listings, and Bargains This Month for a load of discounts. Apologies – Royal Mail postage prices increased (again) from 1 April 2024 and these increases are now being charged in this website. Sorry!

VAT – Unfortunately with Brexit being a reality, it looks like VAT is being charged on sales to the EU. It seems that smaller, low value items (caps, etc) are not being charged VAT, but expect to pay 20% import duty on more expensive items. The whole situation is still unclear, so please mail me with any questions.

Any questions / comments, please just drop me a mail at ian@ianbfoto.com

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Stop Press : 1 July 2024

I simply have too much 120 and 220 film in stock, so I am having a bit of a clear-out. One of my freezers broke down towards the end of 2022, leaving me with a pile of 120 and 220 film and nowhere to store it – so it has sat in my office ever since. I am now selling it off at bargain prices. Grab it while you can as it is priced to sell and won’t last long. More being added soon.

Sadly my new Checkout is still broken – it works when it wants to (see above, but I hope to fix it very soon – working on it now). Actually it normally works for PayPal but it does not like bank transfer at the moment (1 July 2024); if you get a problem just drop me a mail. It looks a little different but works exactly the same underneath. If you find any problems – like being unable to select a postage method – please contact me as I cannot find the fault. Any questions / comments, please just ask. Any problems, please just send me a mail.

20 new items added 1 July; next additions 1 August. ALL Bronica now being discounted – including bargain prices on newly listed items . At least 20% off all Bronica (based on 2023 prices)! Well over 500 total live listings at the time of writing, with 50+ Bronica being discounted. Just click on “Show Only New Items” at the top left of the Shop page to see the new listings. Many more Mamiya, Bronica and Fuji GX680 items (50+ GX680 now listed) will added over the next few weeks. Currently only one major addition planned monthly on the 1st of the month. If you want something but can’t see it, just ask. Loads of camera cases and bags, including Lowepro and Peli, added over the past few days on eBay – just see the listings for 5711ianb.

Also some of my old Canon EF lenses and other Canon bits are now listed on eBay; a few more to be added. If you see something from 5711ianb on eBay that you fancy and want a discount, contact me on ian@ianbfoto.com rather than through eBay – I can’t give a discount if you first contact me using eBay.

Loads of nice stuff coming up! If you want something but can’t see it, just ask. New information sheets / manuals / brochures being prepared for adding as soon as I have some spare time – a pile of stuff here scanned and waiting to be turned into PDFs. Now also listing a selection of original brochures and instruction manuals in case you want a printed copy – but of course these are all also available for free as PDFs in the Downloads section. 

Please check to see if the item you are looking for is now listed – and just ask if you can’t see what you want. Over 1000 more Mamiya (OK – plenty of them are small items like caps, but most are more important items) and more Bronica items hidden away in my lockup and waiting to be listed – I cannot list it all at once! If you want something there is a high chance I have got it – so just ask. If you do not ask you do not get!

Also available – Fuji GX680 lenses, backs and accessories; a lot of new listings made recently and lots more GX680 just arrived and not yet listed – just ask. Many items now listed on eBay, but many more in stock – ask if you cannot see what you want.

Now available – GX680 I/II backs with new memory storage batteries fitted – good to go for many many years. New batteries can also be fitted to your existing (dead) back. Ask if interested.

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