Zodiak 8 30mm f3.5 fisheye for Mamiya 645


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This sale is for a near mint Zodiak 8 30mm f3.5 fisheye lens for Mamiya 645 and 645AF cameras, also known as the Arsat 30mm (same lens, different name). This lens can be used with all Mamiya 645 manual focus cameras and all Mamiya 645AF models up to the DF+. It is not suitable for use with the XF and later cameras unless the lens mount is modified (instructions are on my website).

The lens itself is mint and in perfect working order. There is slight wear on the mount adapter, but the glass is perfect. This lens comes with both caps, plus the original three filter set (O, Y, 85B). To have the filter set still with the lens is very unusal – these filters are rare.

Try finding another one – these are almost impossible to find. These lenses cost a fraction of the cost of a Mamiya 645 24mm f4 fisheye, and although the optical performance of the Mamiya 24mm is much better wide open at the edges, by the time you stop down a bit to f8 the performance of this lens is very comparable to the Mamiya – and way cheaper.

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