Nikon EL-Nikkor 63mm f2.8 N


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This sale is for a rare and really excellent condition Nikon EL-Nikkor 63mm f2.8 N enlarging lens, coming from my own darkroom.

This lens has a few really tiny cleaning scratches on the front element that really have no effect but is otherwise mint. No visible dust on the glass, and no haze or fungus; as good as you will get. The thread is not worn at all. Everything on the lens is in fantastic condition – a beautiful example other than the minimal cleaning scratches.

This is a really top quality enlarging lens. I have used it for many years but I am reducing the number of enlargers in my darkroom and some things have to go. It has the standard 39mm Leica screw mount common to most enlargers.

The aperture works very smoothly and click stops really well. Everything is as it should be. This is the very latest type of EL-Nikkor lens that includes illuminated f-stops. Apart from the very expensive and very scarce APO lenses, these are equal to the best on the market – you cannot buy a better lens. Treat yourself to a top quality lens for your enlarger.

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