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This sale is for a superb black and gold Mamiya RB67 / RZ67 camera strap in mint condition, suitable for use on all Mamiya RB67 and RZ67 cameras.

This is an invaluable and hard to find accessory for any Mamiya RB or RZ camera user, generally considered to be the best of the straps.

This strap is in perfect condition with absolutely minimal signs of use. A superb strap with a good non-slip backing; camera connectors included. This strap is probably probably unused.

This strap can also be used with the older M645, M645J, and 1000S cameras, although the strap lugs are really a bit too big for these cameras. It is the single-rivet type originally designed for the RB67 and RZ67 – the type with the big connecting lugs. You must have a double-rivet strap to connect to a Super, Pro or Pro TL – this single rivet strap will not fit.

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