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This sale is for a very good condition Mamiya RZ67 PD Prism Finder, suitable for use on the original RZ67 Pro camera. Please note that it is NOT suitable for use on the RZ67 Pro II and Pro IID except as a plain non-metered prism – the metering will not work on a Pro II.

This PD prism is in great working condition and in perfect working order with a RZ67 Pro – the meter is in full agreement with other meters in my possession. This prism is designed for manual metering only, with really simple “+” and “-” indicators in the viewfinder and a green dot for correct exposure; very easy to use. If you try and meter with it on a RZ67 Pro II the metering will always show “+”, no matter what the light level, so while it is fine as a non-metered prism you can’t use it as a metering prism.

There are only normal very minor signs of use on the prism case, but it does have four rectangular silvering patches, one in each corner of the prism. These cannot be cleaned off. These patches are really common now on all RB67 / RZ67 and obviously are not ideal, but they don’t stop you using the prism. This is still a really nice prism.

The instructions can be downloaded from the Downloads section of this web site.

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