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This sale is for a good condition Pro II 120 back suitable for use on any RZ67 camera – Pro, Pro II or Pro IID. Please note that “good” does not mean perfect; see below for a full description.

This back has obvious signs of use – not absolutely hammered but obviously well used. Cosmetically the rear cover plate that holds the film box lid and the darkslide when removed from the camera is missing, as is all trim around the back. This is all purely cosmatic and does not affect the operation of the back at all. This back works perfectly except that removing the darkslide in the portrait position does not register; the back thinks that the darkslide is still inserted. However, rotate the back to landscap and back to portrait after removing the darkslide and it works fine, and carries on working without problem. No issues if you remove the darkslide with the back in landscape position. So it is a bit of a pain to use but nothing more than that – and I am therefore selling it cheap. It would not be that hard to repair – I just don’t have the time to do it right now. It has been fully tested and is in full working order apart from the darkslide issue.

It includes the dark slide but not the rear protective cover.

Get yourself an extra back for your RZ67 – great for using more than one film type on a shoot, or simply to have a spare back ready loaded so you do not interrupt your session.

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