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This sale is for a good condition Mamiya RZ67 AE Prism Finder, suitable for use on the original RZ67 Pro camera, and also usable with the RZ67 Pro II and Pro IID. There are problems with mounting/detaching this prism, but otherwise it works perfectly – see below for details – hence the dead cheap price.

This AE prism is in great working condition and in perfect working order with a RZ67 Pro – the meter is in full agreement with other meters in my possession. It has also been tested and works perfectly on my RZ67 Pro II.

The front blue locking clips are missing. This makes it a bit tricky to mount but it can be attached and removed with careful use of two biros or similar; once attached works perfectly. Possibly an ideal budget prism for someone who wants a prism permanently mounted on their camera. There is minor internal glass damage visible through the base of the prism but this is invisible through viewfinder. This is a great prism that is tricky to mount. It is why I only grade this prism “good”; in practice there is nothing wrong with it once on the camera. This is still a really nice prism.

If you use this prism on a RZ67 Pro II or Pro IID camera you do not get the half stop shutter speeds of the Pro II AE prism, but everything else is pretty much the same on both the Pro and Pro II AE prisms. Far cheaper than a Pro II AE prism in similar condition – and just as good apart from the half-stop speeds.

The instructions can be downloaded from the Downloads section of this web site.

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