Mamiya RZ67 Pro 120 Insert


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This sale is for a very good overall condition RZ67 Pro 120 insert, suitable for use on any RZ67 Pro 120 or 220 6×7 backs.

This insert works perfectly and has minimal signs of use, cosmetically near mint. It has been very lightly used BUT there is a small crack in the base plate, presumably from the insert being dropped (see photos). This has no effect at all on use and will not cause fogging – I have used it with film without problem. This insert has good seals. Use it to preload film for your existing 6×7 back, replace a non-working 120 insert, or to convert a 220 back to 120. Please note that this insert cannot be used with the 645 backs, or with a RZ67 Pro II back shell. It is only for use with the original RZ67 Pro 6×7 back outer shell – but then the resulting back can obviously be used on any RZ67 camera.

A good bargain insert at a budget price.

Get yourself an extra back for your RZ67 – great for using more than one film type on a shoot, or simply to have a spare back ready loaded so you do not interrupt your session.

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