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This sale is for a good – but not perfect – condition RZ67 Pro 120 back, suitable for use on any RZ67 camera – Pro, Pro II or Pro IID.

This back works but has an irritating problem with the darkslide. Removing the darkslide with the back in portrait position gives the red “darkslide not removed” warning light. However, this can be cleared by reinserting the darkslide, rotate the back to the horizontal/landscape position, remove the darkslide again and then away you go; it works. There are no problems with the portrait position if the darkslide is not inserted when rotated to portrait. So, it is irritating but not terminal, the back is still very usable and as long as you don’t remove the darkslide with the back in portrait position you won’t have any problems at all.

The light seals are tired but functional. Cosmetically this back is in excellent condition with only normal very minor signs of use, mainly a bit of paint loss on the corners. A good bargain back at a budget price.

Get yourself an extra back for your RZ67 – great for using more than one film type on a shoot, or simply to have a spare back ready loaded so you do not interrupt your session.

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