Mamiya RZ67 LH Grip “L-Grip Holder RZ”


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This is a really good – but definitely not perfect – condition RZ67 Pro II left hand grip suitable for use on any RZ67 camera – Pro, Pro II or Pro IID.

This grip simply screws onto the bottom of your Mamiya RZ67 (any model) camera and gives an ideal grip for any hand-held shooting with these cameras.

This grip is generally in excellent condition, but occasionally does not fire when pressed. I expect that this is due to a poor switch contact, but prime the grip by pressing the release a few times before use and it works fine. I am sure that this is something that could easily be fixed by an internal clean. This fault however makes me grade this grip as only “very good”. Returns will not be accepted for this fault; I am not selling this grip as being in perfect working order.

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