Mamiya RZ67 180mm f4.5


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This sale is for an excellent condition Mamiya RZ67 180mm f4.5 telephoto lens, suitable for use on any Mamiya RZ67 cameras, and including both caps.

This is the original version of the 180mm lens. This lens is in superb mechanical condition and of course works perfectly – fully tested.

Cosmetically this lens has only normal very minor signs of use. It has very clean glass, just a few tiny dust specks that won’t affect anything, but there is a small mark on the front element (see photo 3). I used this lens for a few shots in the studio and there was no visible effect at all. I suppose that you could get a trace of flare shooting directly into a very bright light, but that’s all. Still a very nice lens.

Very cheap because of the mark shown in photo 3.

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