Mamiya RZ67 100-200mm f5.2 Zoom


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The RZ67 standard 90mm and 110mm lenses are now a really crazy price; consider a zoom as an alternative and much cheaper option!

This is the most useful lens you could possibly have for studio work with your RZ67 camera. Once you have used one of these you will not want to go back to the standard fixed focal length lenses, that is for sure.

This example is in mint condition – the best example of one of these lenses that I have ever seen. The lens is super clean with absolutely minimal dust that cannot possibly have any effect on your images.

What else to say about this rare and fabulous lens? Everything is working perfectly, they were 10x this price new, and you will not find another one in a hurry. You can focus either with the normal focusing knob, but also with a focusing ring on the lens itself (this is recommended in fact). Its as sharp as the standard lenses it replaces – but it is pretty heavy at 1660g, so you would not really want to walk around with it too much. But then again, you no longer need to take your 90mm, 110mm, 140mm and 180mm with you, so maybe its not that bad!

You can download the instruction sheet for this lens (actually for the RB67 version, but they are much the same) from the Downloads section of this web site.

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