Mamiya Rotacam Flash Bracket for 645AF and Pro Cameras


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This sale is for a very rare, near mint condition Mamiya Rotacam Flash Bracket for 645AF and Pro/ProTL cameras.

This camera support is ideal for location photographers. The RotaCam offers adjustable positioning of the camera, while providing a rock solid platform for the Mamiya 645AF and 645 series Mamiya cameras. A unique and convenient sliding arc (or cam) moves the camera from a horizontal to vertical position quickly and easily. Since the camera rotates on its lens’ optical axis, there’s no need to re-compose or re-focus, just swing the camera and shoot. Please note that no camera release connection is included with this support – but you will probably have a release anyway if you are buying this.

The Rotacam instructions are of course in the Downloads section. They tell you everything you need to know about this incredibly useful device.

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