Mamiya RB67 ProSD 120/220 6×7 Power Drive Back


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This sale is for an excellent condition Mamiya RB67 ProSD 120/220 6x7cm power drive back suitable for use on any RB67 ProS or Pro SD camera – not sure about the Pro but I guess it should be ok (but I have never tried this and I do not have a RB67 Pro body so I cannot test it).

This back is in excellent condition. There are only normal minor signs of use, with very slight rust where the spool arms swing out (a very common issue) that has no effect on use. There is typical minor paint loss and minor scuffs on the back, but nothing that goes beyond being a cosmetic issue.

You can switch from 120 to 220 film simply by rotating the pressure plate within the back; much more convenient than carrying a separate 220 back around.

The big thing about this back though is that it does away with the normal double winding on that you need on an RB67. The film is automatically advanced as soon as the exposure is completed – just leaving you to recock the body. Use one of these and you will never want to go back to a manual wind back again. And if your batteries die, you can still use it manually.

You hardly ever see these for sale as everyone who has one hangs on to them – and for good reason.

Just add 4x AA batteries and you are ready to go.

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