Mamiya RB67 150mm f4.0 SF Soft Focus Disc 1


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This sale is for a mint condition Soft Focus disc No. 1 for the Mamiya RB67 ProSD 150mm f4.0 SF lens.

This soft focus has been very little used and is unmarked. This disc fits inside the 150mm f4 SF lens to give a fairly strong soft focus effect; it is probably the most useful of the three soft focus discs available for this lens. The No. 2 disc is also available on this website. The No. 3 disc included in the full disc set is really quite extreme; I never used it except to test it. The No. 1 and 2 discs are all you really need. Examples can be seen in the manual for this lens, found in the Downloads section.

Mamiya’s long experience and concentrated technology have made possible the development of the Mamiya-Sekor SF C 150mm f4 Soft Focus Lens. A special type of spherical aberration has been purposely introduced into this lens to produce photographic images that are sharp yet which have an alluring softness. And the highly advanced design using 3 new types of optical glass has made possible extremely precise correction of all other types of aberrations as in standard lenses as well as superb colour balance. You CANNOT get the same effect mucking about in Photoshop. Close, perhaps (with a lot of work on each image you shoot), but not the same. This is the real deal.

The soft focus effect is eliminated when this lens is stopped down to f8 or more so the same sharp images obtained with standard lenses are available when desired. And the soft focus effect can be varied at will by using the three different Softness Control Discs available for the lens.

The degree of soft focus effect varies depending on whether or not the Softness Control Discs are used and in accordance with which of the three Discs is used. The amount of effective softness, however, will also depend on the type of subject, distance, lighting conditions, the amount of enlargement given the negative, the concept, personal likes, etc.

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