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This sale is for a near mint condition Mamiya M645 PD Prism Finder for manual exposure metering, in perfect working order, suitable for any of the older Mamiya 645 cameras – the M645, M645J or even the M645 1000S. This is actually the original version of the PD prism that only goes up to 1/500 second (as on the M645 and M645J cameras); it does not include the 1/1000 speed setting that is used on the 1000S camera. It will still work fine on a 1000S (except of course it will not meter at 1/1000).

This prism has absolutely minimal signs of use, except for very light scuffs along one side. The usual faint horizontal line running through the prism when viewing is not there; this prism has really clean optics.

This prism is boxed, and complete with pouch, cover, and eyecup. Please note that you cannot use it with any of the newer Mamiya 645 Super, Pro and ProTL cameras.

Instructions for this prism can be downloaded from this website.

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