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This sale is for a good condition Mamiya M645 series camera strap, suitable for use on the Mamiya M645, M645J and M645 1000S cameras – and the RB67 and RZ67 series if you really want to although a wider strap would be better with these heavy cameras.

This is a really useful accessory for any Mamiya M645 camera user. This strap cannot be used with the newer 645E, 645 Super, Pro or ProTL cameras – these cameras require the later double-rivet type strap. This single rivet strap will not fit.

The plastic top of shoulder pad on this strap has split (see the photos) but the strap (including both camera lugs) still does the job. The rivets in the strap are rusted on the surface. This strap is sold as tatty but working. Expect something that looks pretty horrible but still does its job perfectly adequately.

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