Mamiya M645 1000S body / screen / crank


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This sale is for a very good condition Mamiya M645 1000S body, complete with standard split image/microprism screen, crank, front body cap and 120 insert. This camera is supplied without a lens – plenty of lenses available.

This camera has been quite well used but is in perfect working order. It looks a little scruffy with some lost paint and very minor denting on the camera top but there is nothing wrong with it. Everything works as it should, including the self timer and frame counter reset – definitely not always the case on these cameras! It comes with a nice 120 insert and front body cap, plus a very nice 645E crank. No idea why that is on the camera but it is nicer than the official M645 crank.

This camera does not include a lens; a wide selection of lenses available at extra cost.

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