Mamiya C 80mm f2.8


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This sale is for a good – but nowhere near perfect – condition Mamiya C 80mm f2.8 lens for all Mamiya C series TLR cameras. This one is really cheap to clear – but it works (more or less).

This lens is in good but not perfect working order. Shutters speeds are accurate as far as I can judge from 1/15 to 1/500; the slower block of speeds from 1/8 to 1 second are all running about one stop slow, so if you set (for example) 1/4 sec you actualy get about 1/2 second. The glass is clean but not perfect; there are a few faint marks inside but no fungus, dust or scratches. Nothing that is likely to have any effect on your images. There is no flash sync socket but the flash wire is there so you could connect one. Cosmetically the lens is very aged with all lettering quite yellowed/faint. No lens cap is included.

This lens is half the price that even a quite rough example of this lens normally sells for.

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