Mamiya 7 Tripod Adapter N


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This sale is for a near mint condition Mamiya 7 tripod spacer to allow more convenient use of Mamiya 7 and 7ii cameras with a tripod. There are only minimal signs of use.

This really useful adapter fits under the camera when using a tripod. Normally the film spool release buttons are covered by the tripod mounting plate or head, meaning that you have to take the camera off of the tripod in order to change film – not exactly convenient! With the tripod spacer you can change film very easily without taking the camera off of the tripod as access to the release buttons is now clear.

I use a Mamiya 7 camera a lot; I would not take it out without having one of these really useful spacers with me.

An invaluable item if you use a Mamiya 7 or 7ii.

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