Mamiya 645 Super 135 Back HC401


Condition: well used

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This very rare Super 135 back HC401 for the Mamiya 645 Super, Pro and ProTL cameras is in well used condition but good working order. The instructions can be found in the Downloads section.

This back has obvious but minor signs of use, especially on the side of the insert where much of the paint is missing, but it works well. What does not work is metering with an AE prism – this is faulty and you cannot meter with this back.

The only other fault is that you can still fire the camera with the dark slide in place. You cannot take the back off the camera with the dark slide removed, but you can expose. Just do not forget to remove the darkslide after mounting the back on the camera!

A great addition for your Mamiya 645 outfit – you can never have too many backs! 135 insert and darkslide included. Very cheap for one of these very rare backs.

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