Mamiya 645 / RZ67 Electronic Cable Release 4m


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This sale is for a mint condition and pretty rare Mamiya 645 / RZ67 4m electronic cable release – suitable for the Mamiya 645 Super, 645 Pro and 645 ProTL and all RZ67 cameras. Please note that it cannot be used with older M645 or RB67 cameras, or with the 645AF series (which has a completely different camera connection).

This release is in perfect working order; it has absolutely minimal signs of use. It plugs into the cable release socket of your 645 Super / Pro / RZ67 camera, and means that no physical movement of the cable release takes place at all when you fire the shutter – much better than the only alternative of using a cable release adapter and a conventional cable release. You can also lock the release button for extended exposure times. This is the very scarce 4m long release; the standard release is only 1m long.

Examples of the 1m release in stock; just ask if you are looking for more than one. The instructions are of course in the Downloads section on this website.

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