Mamiya 645 Pro Terminal Adapter RA402


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This sale is for a near mint condition Mamiya 645 Pro Terminal Adapter RA402 for use with the Mamiya 645 Pro / ProTL Left Hand Grip GL402.

This release adapter allows you to use any conventional threaded cable release on your Mamiya 645 Super, Pro and Pro TL cameras. Avoids the need to buy an expensive electronic shutter release cable, and lets you use air releases or similar easily.

The main purpose of this connector is to allow full use of the Pro GL402 left hand grip with your camera. Without this connector both the shutter release button on the grip and the flash hot shoe will not work – a lot of these grips are sold with the connector missing and the seller just does not bother to tell you that he has sold you a next to useless grip.

If you have a grip and no connector then you need this. The Super Connector N does the same job on the 645 Super, but cannot be used on the Pro / ProTL due to a slightly different body shape.

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