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This sale is for a really good condition Mamiya 645 Power Winder WG402 – suitable ONLY for the Mamiya Pro and 645 ProTL cameras. Please note that it cannot be used with the 645 Super, older M645 series or any other cameras.

Using the WG402 grip on your Mamiya 645 Pro or Pro TL camera transforms both the balance of the camera and how you use it – if you are handholding everything feels so much more comfortable straight away – and you do not have to mess about with the slightly awkward winding crank either – I always use one on my camera. Plus you now have around 1.5 fps on continuous shooting. Takes just seconds to change from the manual crank to the WG402 – very easy to fit and even easier to use.

This drive cannot be used with the 645 Super. It will fit, and if you are mid roll it will work, but you cannot put in a new roll of film because the drive will not advance to the start – just with the Super. It was designed for use with the Pro and ProTL.

This motor drive is in perfect working order – it has been fully tested and works perfectly. Takes a 2CR5 battery (included). The rubber grip covering is in poor condition – see photo 5 – but all of the WG402 winders are much the same if they have been used; it was a poor bit of design/manufacturing. The rubber grip is heavily scuffed and very slightly sticky. This is a cosmetic rather than a practical use issue; it makes little difference when you use the winder.

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