Mamiya 645 80mm f4.0 N Macro


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This is an excellent/excellent + condition Mamiya 645 80mm f4.0 N Macro lens, including both caps and the original box.

This lens in is perfect mechanical and optical condition and of course works perfectly – except that the iris is very slightly slow to reopen after exposure. Unless you were looking for this fault you would never notice it. Otherwise, no problems at all, with turning to closest focus very smooth an easy. This lens has super clean glass with no problems. Cosmetically it is in great condition with the usual slight paint wear on the mount/lens rear ring. There is also a scuff on the filter ring (see photo 4), but this is only cosmetic and does not affect anything. That is about it – a very nice lens.

This lens This Mamiya 80mm f4 Macro features outstanding resolution, and flat field correction required for copying flat artwork with edge to edge sharpness. The built in helicoid extension allows focusing from infinity to ? life size magnification. Applications include copywork, macro and close up photography of all objects from product photography to flowers. Fashion and beauty photographers find the 80mm f4 Macro particularly useful for a variety of subject close ups and normal shots. An extremely versatile lens, the 80mm f4 macro can also operate as an excellent normal focal length lens focusing to infinity for portraits, landscapes and general purpose photography. With extension tubes or the Auto Bellows, magnifications to 3X life size are possible. This excellent (but not quite perfect) lens is offered at just £169.95, a very fair price when you consider Mamiya were asking £720 for one, and the standard 80mm f2.8 lenses are selling for anything up to £200 – crazy! This lens is about the same angle of view as a 50mm standard lens on 35mm cameras.

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