Mamiya 645 80mm f1.9 C


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This sale is for a rare and much sought after very near mint condition Mamiya 645 80mm f1.9 C standard lens for the Mamiya 645 and M645 series manual focus cameras, including both caps.

This lens is in fantastic condition. Everything works perfectly. No problems with sticking iris, no tightness in focussing, no fungus or scratches in the optics. It has super clean glass apart from a few tiny dust specks that cannot possibly affect your images. There is absolutely minimal paint loss on the mount which shows just how little this lens has been used. Much closer the mint than “near mint” really – but near mint due to the three or four dust specks that I ca see inside. Way cheaper than any other fully working examples that I can find on eBay UK – the only cheaper ones are being sold for parts/repair.

This is a very rare and really useful standard lens for your Mamiya 645 camera – equivalent to about 50mm in 35mm format. This is the widest aperture lens you can buy for any medium format camera – so easy to focus due to the very bright image. This also gives a fantastic bokeh wide open – not really achievable with any other medium format lens. Grab it now before someone else does!

This lens is suitable or use with all Mamiya 645 manual focus cameras – M645, M645J, 1000S, 645E, Super, Pro and Pro TL. Also with the 645AF/AFD series cameras, but with manual focus and manual aperture control.

Its not new, but it is not far off.

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