Mamiya 645 70mm f2.8 C Leaf Shutter Lens


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This is a rare, mint condition Mamiya 645 70mm f2.8 C leaf shutter lens, including both caps, plus the original box, case and instructions. Fully tested and working perfectly. This lens is suitable or use with all Mamiya 645 cameras – M645, M645J, 1000S, 645E, Super, Pro and Pro TL, and even the 645AF series.

This lens gives you the option to synchronise your flash at any speed from 1/30 to 1/500 second with the built-in Seiko shutter. This is a must for outdoor flash photography where you are using fill-in flash. Simply set the shutter speed to F and cock the shutter to use the lens as a normal standard lens with your Mamiya 645 camera.

This lens does not have the powered reset on found on the later 55mm, 80mm and 150mm N/L A lenses, but it takes just 2 seconds to recock it manually when using the leaf shutter – and you don’t need the WG401 drive and power connector either. You can use this lens with the earlier M645 series cameras, the later 645 Super, Pro and ProTL, and even with the 645AF series cameras (with manual aperture conrol only).

This lens has really minimal signs of use, just a tiny amount of paint loss on the mount; it has barely been used. It has perfect glass. This lens has just a slightly wider angle of view than the more common 80mm standard lens, equivlanet to about 43mm in 135 format.

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