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This sale is for a rare and much sought after really excellent condition Mamiya 645 50mm f4.0 Shift lens for the Mamiya 645 and M645 series manual focus cameras, including both caps, and also very usable with Mamiya 645AF/Phase One cameras as no equivalent lens exisits in 645AF mount. Supplied with carry case and box (no box inserts though, sorry).

This lens is in great (but not quite perfect) condition. Everything works perfectly. No problems with sticking iris (it is a totally manual iris on this lens, no auto stop down), no tightness in focussing, shift working as it should, no fungus or scratches in the optics. It has only normal very minor signs of use, mainly paint loss around the filter ring from the lens being put down, and is mechanically perfect. Optically there is very faint but insignificant haze, and the optics are otherwise superb with just aa couple of tiny hairs inside.

This is a very rare and unique lens for your Mamiya 645 camera. It allows for perspective control (correcting converging verticals in-camera), elimination for reflections (for example in shop windows), aids production of panoramic photographs and can even allow you to eliminate obstructions such as trees and lampposts from your images – see the instruction sheet in the Downloads section for full details. Grab it now before someone else does!

This lens is suitable or use with all Mamiya 645 manual focus cameras – M645, M645J, 1000S, 645E, Super, Pro and Pro TL. Also with the 645AF/AFD series cameras, but with manual focus and manual aperture control.

Its not new, but it is a really really good lens.

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