Mamiya 645 150mm f4.0 C



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This sale is for a user condition – but still really usable – Mamiya 645 150mm f4 telephoto lens, in good but not perfect working order (but therefore very cheap), suitable for any of the Mamiya 645 manual focus cameras – the M645, M645J, M645 1000S, 645E, 645 Super, 645 Pro and 645 ProTL. It is supplied without caps.

This lens is cosmetically excellent +, but the iris is not reopening on Auto – it stays closed down to whatever it was set to. It does however stop down correctly (from wide open) when taking a shot. Switch the iris to Manual and it works perfectly – so consider this lens as only having manual aperture control. This can be fixed with a service without too much trouble. Note also that the rabbits ears that transmit the aperture setting to a metered prism are missing; this will only affect you if you are using a metered prism, and even then stopped down metering will work fine. This lens has clean glass with no issues. Still a really nice lens with about the same angle of view as a 93mm telephoto on 35mm cameras – a perfect portrait lens.

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