Mamiya 645 150mm f3.5 C


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This sale is for a good but certainly not perfect condition Mamiya 645 150mm f3.5 C lens for the Mamiya 645 and M645 series manual focus cameras. This lens is suitable for use on the M645, M645J, M645 1000S, 645E, 645 Super, 645 Pro and 645 ProTL cameras, and can also be used (with completely manual focus and aperture control) on the 645AF mount cameras.

This lens is (equivalent to about 93mm on 135) in good condition; everything is tested and in perfect working order. This lens is quite well used, and there is a slight dent in filter ring so you will not be able to fit normal screw mount filters. Focus and iris work as they should – no problems there. However the optics are not perfect. There is no haze, dust or fungus but there are quite a few very fine cleaning scratches on the front element and some slight reflections/uneven coating visible from the front element (possibly improvable by a good clean) that are most unlikely to affect most images. I guess there may be a few issues with flare shooting directly into the sun or other very bright light source, but for everything else it will be fine.

A bargain but still very usable lens for your 645 outfit. Not perfect – but it is half the normal price.

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