Mamiya 645 120mm f4 Macro A


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This sale is for a really excellent condition Mamiya 645 120mm f4 Macro A lens for the Mamiya 645 and M645 series cameras (the M645, M645J, 1000S, 645E, Super, Pro and Pro TL), or the 645AF series if you want to.

This wonderful macro lens (I use one myself so I know how good they are) includes a built-in floating lens system which automatically corrects for close focus abberations to effectively increase edge sharpness at close focusing distances. This also increases overall performance for close-up and general photography at all distances. The lens can be focused all the way from infinity to 1:1 without the use of extension tubes or other add-ons. A lens hood is not really needed as the front element is highly recessed in the lens body.

A truely stunning and superb lens – and not easy to find. It is in great condition – a trace of dust but nothing that will affect images at all, just really minimal signs of use. Mechanically perfect. This is a superb example.

A mint example of this lens is available in my other listings.

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