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This sale is for 9 rolls of Kodak Portra 400VC 120 colour negative film, expiry date 01/2008. This film is unboxed but the foil sleeves are unopened.

This film was bought out of date film mail order site in the USA in 2012. It was then stored by me in a freezer until late 2022 when it was taken out due to a freezer failure. It has been stored at room temperature since. This comes from a time when I was stocking upwhile VC film was still available, and have used a lot of it since, but I have more film left than I am every going to use so it is time to make some available – but not through eBay. I have not used film from this batch since maybe 2018, but I must have used 30+ rolls from this batch up to this time without problem from the 50 rolls of 120 I bought originally.

No guarantees on this film of course; it is way out of date – but I fully expect it to be very, very usable. Get yourself a bargain.

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