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This sale is for an unopened box of 5 rolls of Kodak Portra 160 120 colour negative film, expiry date 02/2016.

This film was bought my me fresh in February 2016 from a pro film mail order site in the UK, just on its expiry date. It was then stored by me in a freezer until late 2022 when it was taken out due to a freezer failure. It has been stored at room temperature since. This comes from a time when I was restocking (having used much of my outdated Fuji film) and have used a lot of it since, but I have more film left than I am every going to use so it is time to make some available – but not through eBay. I have not used film from this batch since 2020, but it was absolutely fine then.

No guarantees on this film of course; it is way out of date – but I fully expect it to be very, very usable. Get yourself a bargain.

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