Bronica SQ-Ai / 80mm f2.8 S / MF Finder S / SQ-Ai 120 / Crank


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This sale is for a really excellent condition Bronica SQ-Ai body with 80mm f2.8 S lens, MF Finder S, SQ-Ai 120 back and crank. Everything in perfect working order.

This camera has a superb near mint body and back, a really excellent condition finder with perfect glass and fully working metering, and an excellent condition lens with superb glass. Everything fully tested and working exactlly as it should. You will not easily find a better SQ-Ai – the last and best of the SQ cameras.

This camera is fitted with a really clean split image / microprism screen. I have several waist level finders in stock; if you would rather have a standard WLF than the fitted MF finder, this can be changed.

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