Bronica GS-1 50mm f4.5 PG


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This sale is for a very good condition Bronica GS-1 50mm f4.5 PG wide angle lens, in perfect working order, complete with original caps. It is suitable for use with the Bronica GS-1 6×7 camera.

This lens in is perfect mechanical condition with really smooth focus and perfectly working shutter / iris. Cosmetically the lens is showing obvious signs of heavy use, with lost paint and paint chips all over the lens barrel, especially on the underside towards the front of the lens – see photos. Pretty it isn’t! However, this lens has virtually perfect glass. There is no dust, fungus or scratches, but possibly very faint haze if you look through the lens at just the right angle against a bright light – but certainly nothing that will affect any of your images in the slightest. This is not being sold as a new lens!

A superb lens to use with about the same angle of view as a 25mm wide angle on 35mm cameras. A great choice for landscapes, interiors or general wide angle lens for your Bronica GS-1 system. A really hard to find lens. OK, cosmetically it is a real mess, but optically and mechanically it is superb.

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