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Motion Picture

Here you can find information about Motion Picture processing, Cinechem chemistry and Motion Picture technical support. Basic information can be found here; for further details please visit the Cinechem web site at www.cinechem.com.

Motion Picture Processing

    Cinechem Foto Ltd provides top quality, all-liquid chemistry for the commonly used ECN-2 and ECP-2E processes in concentrate pack sizes to suit your operation - from 20L drums to 1000L IBCs. All chemistry is manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards (ISO9001), and is available for export to / use in almost all markets worldwide.

    This is supported by well over 60 years of technical experience with both processing chemistry and a wide range of motion picture equipment. On-line / telephone support is part of the package; technical visits for chemical and/or mechanical issues can be arranged.

    Automatic chemical mixers, storage tanks, pump boxes, etc also available to fully automate your chemical mixing department.

Cinechem Presentation

Technical Information Sheets

MSDS (in English)

Developer Regeneration

  • ECP-2 Developer regeneration chemistry for 60% developer recycling without the use of ion exchange resins now available. Technical Information Sheet to follow. Please contact Cinechem Foto Ltd at ian@cinechem.com to discuss any questions.


  • Cinechem ECN-2 and ECP-2E products, including ECP-2 Developer Replenisher and 60% Regenerator are available now. On request, the ECP-2 product range can be extended to also cover the ECP-2D process.

Terms and Conditions for supply of Cinechem products

  • Please contact Cinechem Foto Ltd at ian@cinechem.com to discuss any questions on terms, conditions, pricing, availabilty, technical support, or anything else.