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Consultancy / Chemistry

IanB Foto Ltd offers consultancy services in all areas of photo processing and technology, including film processing (C41, E6, B&W), paper processing (RA4, B&W), machine printing optimisation (especially Fuji Frontiers, Polielettronica Laserlab, Océ Lightjet, Durst Lambda, ZBE Chromira), profiling and related laboratory services. Consultancy is also offered in motion picture processing (ECN-2, ECP-2), laboratory design and optimisation, and all technical and quality areas - especially those related to photo chemistry, process control, chemical recycling and silver recovery. Training courses also offered in photo chemistry, photo chemical analysis, large scale processing and related areas. These services are all aimed at laboratories, not individuals.

A particular speciality is Fuji Frontier optimisation - colour and density matching multiple Frontier setups to give consistent high quality output across all printers. Profiling services available for all types of printer.

Key clients include many of the best known names involved in photo processing in the UK, including Photobox, Metro, Bayeux, and Fuji UK, plus Fuji Switzerland and motion picture labs across Europe.

Photographic Chemistry

Having worked as a photographic chemist for 35+ years, I am well placed to advise on chemistry requirements and photochemistry optimisation for all types and sizes of laboratories, both stills and motion picture. I am a specialist in E6 processing, and can advise on how to get the best out of your E6 line with the lower levels of throughput common today.

Motion Picture Chemistry

IanB Foto Ltd is now supplying motion picture chemistry for the ECN-2 and ECP-2 processes. Please see the Motion Picture section for details.

Please feel free to contact IanB Foto and discuss your requirements. Consultancy services available in the UK and worldwide.