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About IanB Foto Ltd.
IanB Foto Ltd (located in the UK close to the M25 / J17 in Rickmansworth) is a photo processing consultancy covering conventional (wet) film and paper processing (C41 / E6 / RA4 / B&W), digital printing to RA4 (Fuji Frontier, wide format RA4 printers, etc), and motion picture processing (ECN-2 and ECP-2). Typical clients include amateur (minilab) and professional processing laboratories, photofinishers, large internet printing laboratories, and motion picture laboratories, as well as provision of additional technical support to manufacturers (process monitoring services, troubleshooting and various process / processor related technical support. Over 40 years experience in high-end technical support!

IanB Foto also supplies Mamiya, Bronica and Fuji GX680 medium format film cameras, lenses and accessories through eBay (eBay ID : 5711ianb), this web site and other routes. All equipment sold is fully tested, and serviced where necessary; a wide range of Mamiya 645, 645AF, RB67, RZ67 and C-series equipment is always available, plus a more limited range of Mamiya 6 / 7 equipment. Bronica cameras and accessories also available for the ETR, SQ and GS-1 series; I do not stock the earlier Bronica S and EC series models. All Fuji GX680 models and a very wide range of lenses and accessories stocked. You can also find a huge selection (400+) of Mamiya, Bronica amd GX680 brochures, manuals and instruction sheets in PDF format in the Downloads section - all available free of charge. A selection of darkroom and other film camera equipment is also available, especially enlarging lenses, LPL and De Vere; most not listed so just ask if you want something. If you are looking for digital cameras or lenses, you won't find them here!

C41 film and RA4 paper processing (hand printing) services are also setup at IanB Foto, but are currently unavailable - sorry!. Please check on the Lab Services tab for current availability. All films processed in hand lines to the very highest process control standards. I REALLY know how to process film!

IanB Foto Ltd was established in 2010 by Ian Bennell. Ian spent 12 years in photofinishing laboratories, and was technical manager for a group of 7 major UK laboratories - responsible for all technical issues (chemistry, printing, silver recovery, etc) for the processing and printing of over 25 million films per year. Ian then joined the photochemical arm of Fuji - Fuji Hunt Photographic Chemicals - in 1989, where he was responsible for techncial sales support initially in the UK but ultimately across the whole of Europe / Middle East / Africa for all Fuji / Fuji Hunt brand chemical products. Ian left Fujifilm Europe in 2010 to set up his own business, IanB Foto Ltd.

Registered office : 53 Penn Road, Mill End, Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 8QW, UK. Company No. 07148984